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Project overview
KanataLV is an open source LCMS developed to allow non-technical users to create, deliver and manage online courses and exams.

Users can import and launch SCORM compliant content, create randomly generated exams, distribute surveys and collect feedback, communicate with others using forums and live chat, customize course "look and feel", develop interactive exercises, and generate reports and certificates.

KanataLV is built using ASP/ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.


Why is KanataLV unique?

Client Focus
The number one goal for KanataLV is ease-of-use. To ensure we met this goal, KanataLV was created and will be evolved based on feedback from real world clients and users.

Shared Learning Objects
The content management system allows learning objects to be shared and re-tasked to different purposes. For example: a question can be used in an exam, in a survey or as an interactive exercise.

Strong Exam Management & Delivery
KanataLV places a strong focus on exam management and delivery. Our exam management component includes:

  • Multiple exam delivery modes
  • Numerous question types
  • Human and computer graded exams
  • Psychometric reports to analyze question performance.

Developed for Windows
KanataLV is one of very few open source LCMS packages developed for Microsoft IIS and SQL Server 2000.


Road Map
Our future plans include the following development projects:

  • Upgrade of SCORM module from 1.2 to 1.3
  • Import/export using IMS
  • Real-time conferencing
  • Integration of group collaboration and 360 degree assessments
  • New course templates
  • Re-design of the Course Editor based on end-user feedback


Who is using KanataLV?
You will find the two largest installation of KanataLV at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and The Institute of Canadian Bankers. In total, these two installations serve approximately 60,000 students.


How can you get involved?
There are many ways to help the project. We are looking for people to:

  • translate the KanataLV interface and documentation into other languages
  • test the latest version of the software
  • review the software for usability
  • assist in the development of new features
If you would like to join the KanataLV project send an email to Glen McInnis with the following information:
  • your complete contact information
  • why you want to join the project and what you hope to get from the project
  • what you are going to do to help the project


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